My father would take on various inking and lettering projects, the most notable being a Robinson Crusoe comic. He also had a few students that corresponded with him in order to get his thorough critiques. This is one of the few images that exists of him at his drawing table.

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  1. 1 Leslie Sealey

    Thank you for sharing this; it is a beautiful portrait. The photo itself looks like a work of art -done by a professional photographer? It looks like something that was hand-printed (I was a photography major in college).

  2. 2 aw

    I think my brother took this picture, but I’m not sure. I like it also. My dad used to take a lot of images for reference, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this one was also!

  3. 3 william wray

    the sad thing isI don’t remember taking it or where that was! Dad used to work in kind of dungeon like circumstances, so this one is a surprise to me.

  4. 4 Felix Lim

    I agree, this is a beautiful photo.

  5. 5 UrbanBarbarian

    Funny. My father lettered Jon Sable:Freelance, Masked Man and Grimjack. He also drew in a similar manner to your father…

    How odd…

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