This makes me think of a runner coming out of the starting block. Appropos for a first post, I suppose. At the same time, it could represent a man hiding, which in a way, my father did for the latter part of his life. He hid away from the world, most of the time, drawing, comtemplating nature, reading and writing.

He only ventured out for his daily jog, a bicycle ride to the store, or a drive in his beat-up van to the life-drawing class at his local community college. when they offered him a show of his work, he declined politely.

8 x 10, Felt pen on paper. Available as prints, on apparel and on greeting cards.

4 Comments to “Crouch”  

  1. 1 KT

    Love it.

  2. 2 Anonymous

    What a beautiful way to honor your father.
    His talent is for understating the reality of line.

  3. 3 Anonymous

    What a remarkable man ! You are truly blessed to have him as your father,and he is blessed also, for the love you and your mom have of him.

  4. 4 Ursula

    Beautiful drawing.

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