Thank you, Yahoo! Picks

I’m happy to say that “My Father’s Hand” has been listed in “Yahoo! Picks” (Sept. 9th) and has been receiving more than 500 visitors a day for the last several days. Of course, if the nice folks at Drawn! hadn’t noticed, none of this would have happened. Thank you to everyone who has left a nice comment.

My mom has put two more packets of drawings in the mail, this time some more detailed portraits, so I will be scanning and posting more very soon!

2 Comments to “Thank you, Yahoo! Picks”  

  1. 1 Felix Lim

    Well deserved! I think this accomplishment just further confirms that the masses know something good when they see one.
    Looking forward to seeing the portraits.

  2. 2 aw

    Thank you, Felix. It’s been wonderful to get a little bit of attention that he so deserves.

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